all life starts
with the Soil

Soil is alive

. . . hence the term “Living Soil”.

It is the balance and health of the mini-ecosystem within our soil that feeds and maintains the health of all plants. It is the balance within our soil that helps sustain our rivers and our lakes. In turn, the health of our plant life, our water and our air determines our own health.

Our approach to organics is based on more than just using organic fertilizers and discontinuing or limiting the use of pesticides. Our approach is based on the organic balance of the whole of nature, understanding the interconnectedness of all living things, and from there bringing forward products, techniques and knowledge that will restore, sustain and enhance our environment.

By starting with the soil, we begin at the foundation. Just as with alternative medicine today, and our understanding that by supplying the body with fresh, whole foods, we create health and disease prevention, it is the same with our soil. By creating a living soil, feeding it with the proper organic and mineral nutrients to create a healthy soil foodweb for the beneficial microorganisms, we supply our plants with all they need to become strong and healthy.

Pests and diseases are an inherent part of nature. They attack the weaker of any species. Nature’s plan has always been that the stronger of a species survive and the weaker are ‘recycled’. In this way nature can perpetuate herself, by creating stronger and healthier species. And so it is with our plants.

Proven through experience, the gardens that Hendrikus has installed with living soils and maintained organically have virtually no pest or disease problem. They are lush and vibrant with life. Maintaining a healthy garden is easy. Our goal is to bring you the products and information you need to restore that health to your garden, help you maintain it properly once it is healthy and vibrant and in doing so improve your own health and that of our earth.