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Our Philosophy

When Nature and the book disagree

...throw away the book.

~ Hendrikus

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is founded in our deep respect and understanding of Nature, and our desire for people to experience the outstanding success possible when using an effective organic approach. Using our decades of experience working with diverse soils and conditions, we have developed our premier line of organic fertilizers that provide outstanding results. But we feel that is not enough. We have also taken our expertise on how to work with soils and nutrients and created easy to use programs that help guarantee your success, no matter what you are growing.

Our History

Hendrikus Organics has its roots in the extensive backgrounds of its founders, Hendrikus and Nirav. Hendrikus' early beginnings in organic agriculture and construction, and Nirav in the organic approach to health and edible gardening, took each on their own paths towards creating healthy environments and healthy lifestyles.

Early in the 1970's Hendrikus started one of the first organic environmental landscape installation firms in the nation. In 1986, joined by Nirav, they combined their knowledge and expanded their efforts in the organic approach to thriving gardens and thriving health.

Garnering over 65 awards for environmental excellence, their hands-on experience formed the basis for the field-tested, result-proven organic products of Hendrikus Organics. Their environmental excellence is based on their understanding of the complexities of Nature and how her many facets fit and work together. No chemicals, no synthetic approach. Just working with Nature the way she intended.

From this combination of innate wisdom, intuition and science they have created outstanding products that give incredible results, along with programs and education to help every client be successful with organics.

Our Team



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