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The Soil Microbiome

We are well on our way to a unified theory of biology that will merge body and environment, brain and mind, genome and microbiome.” - Deepak Chopra Without healthy soil, there can be no health. Thanks to new technology, scientists are catching up to this view. The...

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The Soil Foodweb

"It's not the soil itself - it's the soil life that is the most important element." Geoff Lawton A World of Microorganisms: the Soil Foodweb Microorganisms in the soil foodweb make up a living, thriving community. This community includes a wide range of...

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Clean Soil, Clean Water

"No clean soil, no clean water... No clean water, no clean soil."  - Hendrikus Schraven We've been drinking the same water since the dawn of time on planet Earth. No matter where you get your water, at some point in its journey that water has been filtered by soil....

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The Story of Soil

“The soil is the greatest connector of lives, the source and destination of all...Without proper care of it, we can have no life.” - Wendell Berry It is easy for most of us to look down and take for granted what is under our feet, regarding soil simply as dirt. But...

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Four Tips to Create a Pet Safe Garden

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” - Anatole France We all love our pets! Your pet is part of your family, but unlike your children, your pets can’t tell you when something is wrong, why they don’t feel good, where it hurts and...

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7 Ways to Get Back to Nature and Why It Matters

“A little garden in which to walk, an immensity in which to dream, at one’s feet that which can be cultivated and plucked; overhead that which one can study and meditate upon; some herbs on earth and the stars in the sky.”   - Victor Hugo Once a fringe field,...

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