EssentialSoil™ Applications

Hendrikus’ EssentialSoil™ has many applications, and a variety of custom blends that will give outstanding soil performance whatever your needs.

Landscape Architecture
  • Residential landscape architecture
  • Roof top gardens, potted plants
  • City parks, streetscapes
  • Professional ball fields
  • Lawns
  • Play grounds
Ecosystem Reestablishment
  • Plant-soil rejuvenation in sensitive areas, ravines
  • Post construction environmental damage repair-pipelines, building, freeways cuts
  • Post catastrophic ecosystem repair-forest fires
Erosion Control
  • EssentialSoil™ installation as an organic soil blanket
  • Bio-engineering methods such as brush layering, brush packing, log dams and drains, bioswales, wood pinning used with EssentialSoil™
  • Stone outcropping
  • Cellular confinement, grids with EssentialSoil™
Slope/Stream Bank Stabilization and Landslide Repair
  • Stone diverters, dams, bank outcroppings with EssentialSoil™
  • Geo textile under linings, reinforcement grids
  • Natural looking shotcrete stone retaining walls
  • Micro piles, pin piles, anchors