What is Humagic?

“The properties of humic acids are so remarkable that even if we joined the efforts of all chemists of the world we could not manage to synthesize anything similar.

Humic acids have been presented to us by Mother Nature and they link the evolution of living and lifeless matter.”

Dr. Boris V. Levinsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Russia


HuMagic™ is a dynamic soil builder, conditioner and nutrient catalyst from a unique carbon-rich deposit of humus, comprised of predominantly lignin based vegetation, aged for centuries to a stable state.

HuMagic™ Granular

HuMagic™ Granular acts as a powerful and effective soil conditioner and nutrient catalyst for the soil, assisting root systems in their nutrient uptake by chelating minerals, improving water holding capacity and stimulating microbial activity.


HuMagic™ Liquid takes all the benefits of our naturally granular humus and puts it in an easy to apply liquid form. Our natural cold-water extraction process produces a highly water-soluble concentrated liquid that preserves all of the humus properties including its unique and valuable microorganisms.