NocOut Pest Control

Our NocOut bio-pesticide products are natural and organic, safe, non-toxic alternatives to chemical methods of insect control. Made from cedar oil, nature’s very own insect repellent, it has been used for centuries. The first documented use of cedar oil was by the Egyptians who soaked papaya leaves in cedar oil for the mummification treatment of their dead; the ancient Greeks used it to ward off infections and used papaya leaves soaked in the oil to repel insects. During the time of the Bubonic plaque, people burned cedar to fumigate infected homes; in the 17th century it was discovered as a remedy for coughs and tuberculosis. The settlers used cedar sawdust on the floors of their cabins to rid them of countless pests. Cedar oil has been used by a variety of cultures over the ages, for different yet associated purposes.

The strong scent of cedar repels insects – all insects breathe through their bodies and the scent of cedar impairs their mental faculties. They, therefore, avoid contact with this natural repellent. By taking away their comfort level, insects will leave and not return.

The use of Texas Red Cedar, Juniperus Virginiana, as a totally green non-toxic insecticide was perfected in 2006 by Dr. Ben Oldag for a safe alternative to the toxic, reactionary DEET products. The effect products we offer today are a result of these safe, scientific improvements to the natural wonders of cedar oil.

Cedar oil is recognized by the EPA as a non-toxic biological pesticide its 25(b) listings of exempt active ingredients. All inert ingredients used in our cedar oil products are also rated exempt by the EPA as non-toxic inert substances.