NocOut Garden Spray

NocOut Garden Spray Insect Repellent

NocOut Garden Spray Insect Repellent for outdoor areas is 100% natural and a safe, effective alternative to using chemicals to repel and control unwanted such as mosquitoes, fleas, no-see-ums, gnats and moths.

Spray NocOut Garden Spray Insect Repellent around your entire yard or area you want to control. Spray decks, patio surfaces, fences, lawn, garden beds, stables, dog runs – and target particularly areas where insects like to congregate such as dark damp nooks. Repelling the egglayer insect and its offspring will eliminate future generations of insects. Mosquitoes in particular are territorial so making their territory uninhabitable greatly aids in controlling their numbers.

The strong scent of cedar repels insects – all insects breathe through their bodies and the scent of cedar impairs their mental faculties. They, therefore, avoid contact with this natural repellent. By taking away their comfort level, insects will leave and not return.

When used outdoors, NocOut doesn’t leach down, it is very slow to decompose, and every time it gets wet and swells, the drying action reactivates the scent by surfacing more cedar oil.

NocOut will leave no toxic pesticide residue, only a pleasant cedar aroma and it’s natural insect repelling qualities. Safe to use on people*, pets, plants and livestock to repel insects. It is pleasant scented and non-staining.

NocOut Garden Spray Insect Repellent will not harm plant material, however, avoid applications that will contact plants in temperatures above 80° F. Please note, NOT FOR USE ON EDIBLE PLANTS.

Conveniently packaged as a ready to use, hose-end sprayer, each quart will cover 4000 square feet. Use as often as necessary for a satisfactory insect free comfort level.

*not recommended for people who are allergic or sensitive to cedar