Hendrikus Organic Fertilizers

100% Organic and USDA Approved for Organic Crop Production

We love soil! And we understand soil. We understand the soil’s microbial community, and the importance of supplying the right food sources to restore, enliven and support the life in our soils so that it will perform to its optimum.

There is more to knowing soil and its complexities than organic farming alone will provide. Although our early origins started with traditional European organic farming, which strongly relates to an intuitive and learned understanding of soil, we also have decades of working with every type of soil in myriad situations where soils have eroded, slid, failed, been neglected, over-chemicalized, saturated, you name it, we’ve worked with it. We’ve turned those soils around, regenerating them, to become fertile, living, high performance soils that bring vitality and provide dynamic health to plants and turf.

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Your soil’s food source is key to its health and that of the microbial community, and it is from this extensive knowledge that we have created our high-performance Organic Fertilizers.

Every nutrient plays a critical role in the vitality of the soil. And so, we choose our ingredients and blend our formulas very carefully.

Soil nutrients are more than just the N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). The calcium and magnesium balance is critical to the soil, as are the other micro-nutrients, trace elements and minerals, humic acids, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes. Every organic and mineral input to the soil creates a reaction within the microbial community that works to build our soils and provide nutrition to our plants… and in turn us.

Knowing this, we formulate our ingredients based on a comprehensive nutritional balance to meet the needs of both the soil and plants, enhance the microbial activity, and provide short and long-term results for optimum plant vitality, sustainability and disease resistance.

We choose ingredients with the lowest heavy metal contents, striving to be below background standards for soil and environmental health. We do not use animal manures to avoid odor, pathogens and the additional processing needed for safety and to avoid nutrient spiking. All of our products have the added benefit of beneficial bacteria, trichoderma protective fungi and mycorrhizae for easier and quicker availability of nutrients to the plants.

Even our binding agent for our granulation adds benefit to your soils and the quality of our product.  Ingredient source and formulation, how and with what they are blended, makes a difference to your soil.  Our formulations are time tested with ingredients that produce outstanding results, no matter your soil type.

products_2COMPLETE™ 6-4-4

COMPLETE™ 6-4-4 is our premier all-purpose blend. If you like to keep things simple, and prefer to use just one blend for everything, this is it! “All Purpose” is Complete™’s middle name.

This incredible blend combines the best organic and natural nutrients in our time-tested formula that we call our “Best of Balance”. It provides superb nutrition to all types of plants: deciduous trees, shrubs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, even lawns.

SEASONS® 8-0-4

SEASONS® 8-0-4 is great for turf, and any plant or situation where you need to apply a balanced organic blend with higher nitrogen.

For turf, Seasons® 8-0-4 stimulates thick healthy turf grasses by feeding the soil naturally with the proper high nitrogen balance and organic nutrients necessary for deep green, vigorous growth. Nutrients are steadily released, feeding your grass through the soil.

Organobloom-WebOptORGANOBLOOM® 5-2-4

ORGANOBLOOM® 5-2-4 is our blend specifically designed to make readily available the nutrients, trace elements and minerals that acid loving plants need and prefer.

Our secret to success with acid loving plants is in understanding what makes them “acid loving”. It is not so much that they like a lower pH as it is that they like certain trace elements and micro-nutrients that are more readily available in acidic soil.

Bouquet-WebOptBOUQUET® 4-8-4

BOUQUET® 4-8-4 is a remarkable formula that uses our proven blend of nutrients formulated to fulfill the specific growing needs of flowering plants.

It encourages prolific blossoms, enhances blossom color, promotes longer blooming, and builds strong root systems without overly active stem and leaf growth. Its steady nutrient release provides extended availability of food to the soil microbes and plants


NITROGEN PLUS™ 10-0-2 offers quick release nitrogen supported by a solid base of slow release for use in areas of nitrogen deficiency and where immediate greening is needed.

To our solid base of feather meal, we have added just enough natural chilean nitrate for immediate nitrogen uptake, balanced by the intermediate and long term nitrogen uptake supplied by feather meal.


SOIL ENHANCER™ 2-13-0 is formulated as a major step in rejuvenating depleted soils. This premium blend helps build and rejuvenate stressed soils, restore the calcium-magnesium and phosphorus base necessary in soils for the release of nutrients, which also promote microbial activity. Organic sources of nutrition are greatly enhances by microbial activity, which are then released for plant uptake. Soil Enhancer sets the stage for microbial activity and gives depth to soil that has been nutritionally deficient.


Build – Energize – Feed

Soil Enhancer, to build; HuMagic, to energize; Complete, to feed the soil. Each, on its own is a powerful fertilizer or soil amendment, however, when combined, the whole is greater than the sum of their parts and the results are outstanding.

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Soil is our habitat for plants, and its quality is determined by 3 key properties…the physical, the chemical and the biological.

  • Physical properties of soils are the inorganic particles, organic materials, water and air. The size, shape and arrangement of the soil particles, including the space between them (called pore space) will directly affect the movement of air and water, and the nutrient and water availability for plant uptake.
  • Chemical properties of the soils regulate the supply of nutrients for the plants. The balance of the chemical properties, in particular the calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulfur, help create soil energy. This energy promotes better soil structure and nutrient availability.
  • Biological properties of the soil include the community of microorganisms that cycle the nutrients to the plants themselves, made available through the physical and chemical properties.

Additionally, the presence and quality of HUMATES, a vital and often overlookedcomponent to soil,dramatically affectsthe ability of all 3 of these properties to perform.

Our program of Building, Energizing and Feeding the Soil improves structure, improves soil energy, feeds soil microbiologyand utilizes the finest humates to promote optimum fertility, health and vitality in your soil and plants.

We have seen incredible results with the Triad, be it on new plantings, vegetable gardens, medicinal plants, orchards, ornamentals, trees, and any situation of plant stress or substandard soil conditions.


Application is easy. Follow the rates as indicated on the Complete label, and apply the same amount on all three products.

One of our other organic fertilizers, Organobloom, Bouquet, or Seasons can be switched with Complete to target the type of plant you are feeding, be it acid loving plants such as tomatoes or blueberries, annuals and flowers, or turf. Application method is the same, follow the rate as indicated on the food source label.

Complete 6-4-4
Soil Enhancer