Seasons® 8-0-4 Organic Fertilizer for Nitrogen Loving Plants and Turf

Our Seasons® 8-0-4 Organic Fertilizer is great for any plant or situation you need to apply a balanced organic blend with higher nitrogen.

For turf, Seasons® 8-0-4 stimulates thick healthy turf grasses by feeding the soil naturally with wsda-logo-white_smallthe proper high nitrogen balance and organic nutrients necessary for deep green, vigorous growth. Nutrients are steadily released, feeding your grass through the soil. This stimulates deeper turf roots, more disease resistant blade structure, as well as greater drought tolerance and less water requirement.

Feather meal provides the solid slow release protein base for consistent dependable nitrogen, particularly important in professional greens. When combined with our balance of macro, micro and trace nutrients, this fertilizer supports healthy, consistent turf growth; resistant to the stresses of drought and frequent cutting. In particular, frequent mowing removes calcium from turf, so we are careful to provide a strong balance of calcium to replenish the needs of the soil and turf.

Derived from organic ingredients and natural minerals it also stimulates the necessary soil microbial action required to aid in thatch decomposition and nutrient uptake. Seasons® 8-0-4 is greens grade granulated for easy application and even distribution of nutrients.

Additionally Seasons® 8-0-4 is great for nitrogen loving plants and vegetables, such as bamboo, lilies, beans, corn, cabbage, kale and heavy feeding monocots. It also replenishes fruit trees after harvesting. These heavy feeders benefit from our higher steady release nitrogen and long-lasting nutrient formula.

Unlike synthetic or poultry waste fertilizers, Seasons® 8-0-4 can be applied throughout the year, without the fear of growth spiking, weak stems or plant burn.

Seasons® is granulated for easy and even application. Only two applications per year for most lawns, once in spring and once in fall at a rate of 10 lbs per 1000 square feet on existing lawns.

MACRONUTRIENTS Protein         67%
Nitrogen          8% Calcium        7.3%
Phosphorus      0% Magnesium    0.4%
Potassium       4% Sulfur           1.8%

Ingredients: Feather Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Lime, Dolomite Lime, Gypsum, Potassium Sulfate, Kelp, Humic Acid, Beneficial Soil Bacteria, Fungi and Mycorrhizae.

Application Rates

Two to three applications per year recommended on established turf. Increase initial application by 1½ to 2 times when first introducing organic fertilizers to soil with history of neglect or chemical maintenance. Then follow recommended application rate. Once soil becomes fertile and balanced, application rates and frequency may be decreased by ¼, ½ and even ¾ and still maintain soil health and plant sustainability. For distressed soils and plants, add Soil Enhancer to your fertilizer program in addition to SEASONS® 8-0-4 or increase the applications. SEASONS® 8-0-4 is gentle and will not burn your lawn.

See application rate chart for more information on specific applications.

For spreader settings, view or download our SEASONS SPREADER SETTINGS.