Spring Nitrogen™ 10-1-2 Organic Fertilizer for Nitrogen Lovers

Spring Nitrogen™ 10-1-2 Organic Fertilizer meets the early spring needs of plants and turf to provide a rapid lush green.  It offers quick release nitrogen supported by a solid base of slow wsda-logo-white_smallrelease for use in areas of nitrogen deficiency and where immediate greening is needed.

To our solid base of feather meal, we have added just enough natural chilean nitrate for immediate nitrogen uptake, followed by the addition of fish bone meal for intermediate nitrogen feeding. The medium release ingredients sustain the green richness initiated by faster release nitrogen, without the yellowing often found with chemical applications when quick-release nitrogen is used up. Slower release feather meal then becomes available in a steady even flow of nitrogen so the plants receive a constant nitrogen supply.

Spring Nitrogen™ 10-1-2 contains calcium and phosphorus that stimulate microbial activity, along with humic acids which also supports microbial communities and nitrogen uptake. Add to that the essential minerals, trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids for a balanced nutrient source.

Spring Nitrogen™ 10-1-2 works well in the initial transition from chemical based fertilizing to organic sustainability until the soils have developed a solid microbial community and the soil microbes are able to assist in nitrogen fixing and nutrient cycling. Use in conjunction with one of our other organic fertilizers formulated for the particular plant type.

Spring Nitrogen™ 10-1-2 is granulated for even distribution and easy application. It can be applied any time during the growing season to respond to stressed plant and turf conditions that would benefit from a nitrogen boost.

MACRONUTRIENTS Protein               58%
Nitrogen             10% Calcium             6.0%
Phosphorus         1% Magnesium         0.75%
Potassium          2% Sulfur                1.4%

Ingredients: Feather Meal, Steamed Fish Bone Meal, Lime, Rock Phosphate, Chilean Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Dolomite Lime, Humic Acid, Kelp, Beneficial Bacteria, Fungi, Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizae.

Effective on all types of turf: residential yards, recreational and sports turf, including tees, roughs, fairways and greens.

Great for all high nitrogen feeders such as bamboo, monocot grasses, and all plants where nitrogen depletion needs to be balanced. Initial application at rate 10 lbs. per 1000 square feet.

Application rates vary for different plants – see application rate chart for more information on specific applications.

For spreader settings, please view or download our SPRING NITROGEN SPREADER SETTINGS.