StartRight Organic Plant Starter Food

StartRight Organic Plant Starter is a balanced combination of beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae in a bio-stimulant nutrient base that assists new plants and transplants in their development of root systems and new hair roots.

It contains:

  • 10 carefully selected species of endomycorrhizae, ectomycorrhizae and tricoderma fungi.
  • A high quality biostimulant nutrient package that contains kelp meal, humus, vitamins and amino acids

Most other plant starters are a blend of fertilizer, sometimes with the addition of some beneficial microbes.


StartRight – What does it do?

StartRight Organic Plant Starter begins by providing the plant with the necessary soil foodweb microbial activity to accelerate critical root growth and the ability to absorb nutrients and water. Soil microbes colonize the roots and extend into the surrounding soil forming an essential link between plant and soil resources.

Included in this microbial blend are important fungi that help against disease. When a plant undergoes stress from transplanting, the roots do not uptake nutrients or water, and the plant suffers. Mycorrhizae fungi alleviate this problem and are well documented to be a plant roots’ best friend.

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StartRight Organic Plant Starter also provides the plant with essential trace minerals, humus, vitamins and amino acids that act as a food source, for the microbes and the plants. This is the only product your plant needs when transplanted. After two weeks, follow-up with one of Hendrikus Organics Fertilizers suited for your plant type, and continue to fertilizer after that as directed.

StartRight Comparisons

Many other brands use what is basically a fertilizer disguised as a starter medium. They are predominantly comprised of fish, bone and feathermeals plus alfalfa and potash. Some starters contain some beneficial microbes.

The foundation of Hendrikus Organics fertilizers is feathermeal, steamed bonemeal, fish bonemeal, alfalfameal, potash, kelpmeal, calcium blend, humic acid, beneficial microbes, plus other ingredients.

Because it is specifically a microbial food rather than a fertilizer, the species diversity and numbers of spore propagules per ounce is much greater than other types of “starter food.”  Your plants will notice the difference immediately.

mycorrhizae roots

Roots on left treated with StartRight, Roots on right not treated

What are Mycorrhizae Fungi in StartRight ?

“Mycor” – “rhiza” literally means “fungus” – “root” and defines the mutually beneficial relationship between the plant root and fungus. These specialized soil fungi colonize plant roots and extend far in the soil resource. Mycorrhizal fungal filaments in the soil are truly extensions of root systems and more effective in nutrient and water absorption than the roots themselves. A thimble full of healthy soil can contain several miles of fungal filaments that direct soil resources back to the plant roots.

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Specific benefits of Mycorrhizae

Mycorrhizae fungi are the most researched aspect of the living soil.

Mycorrhizae fungi:

  • produce increased growth because they improve the absorption of soil phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and sulfur
  • increase a plants ability to absorb water from the soil and withstand extended periods of drought
  • reduce transplant shock
  • produce hormones that stimulate root growth
  • improve resistance to many soil borne pathogens

How to use StartRight

The goal is to create physical contact between StartRight and the plant roots. It can be banded under seed, worked into seed beds, placed under cuttings, blended into potting soil or sprinkled near the roots when transplanting.

Since this product will predominately be used as a transplant starter, sprinkle StartRight Organic Plant Starter in the plant hole, and sides of plant hole as needed, so that the roots will touch the product when placed in the hole.

cuttings                ½ teaspoon per cutting

4-6” pots               1 level teaspoon

1 gallon pots        1 -2 level tablespoon

5 gallon pot          5 level tablespoons

balled &  burlap    2-3 tablespoons per inch of caliper

(quantity can be increased for stressed conditions)

Note: For most plants it is good to pre-moisten your soils before transplanting