Our Products

Our Products

Over 45 years experience working with soils, organics, crop production, landscape and garden installation and care – we bring the insight of our success to the products we offer: time tested, well balanced, steady release organic fertilizers, soil amendments, growth enhancers, performance soils and pest control.

 It is our commitment to create the optimum environment for the soil foodweb to thrive and in turn produce and sustain healthy soils, healthy vibrant plant material and healthy people.

Our premium organic fertilizer blends offer a solid base of macronutrients, micronutrients, trace minerals, proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and enzymes with the added benefit of humic acids and beneficial microbes for easier and quicker availability of nutrients to the plants. Additionally our products are formulated to provide the nutrient release necessary to stimulate and sustain the microbial activity that is so essential to the success of an organic approach.

It is more than organic material that activates microbial activity. It is also the critical balance of available calcium, phosphorus and magnesium that provides the energetic release necessary to activate microbial activity. Without the microbial activity, there are not enough variable forms of nutrients to feed the plants.

Our organic soil amendments provide some of the missing links in most soils, the energetic catalysts necessary for most plant and soil processes.  They provide the ingredients to synergize the nutrient uptake process, help break up clay particles, balance soil structure, improve drainage and soil permeability. They promote soil fertility, enhance beneficial microbiology, reduce plant stress and promote plant health.

Our organic biostimulants are specifically formulated to assist in successfully sowing seeds, planting starts, transplanting, and healing stressed plant material. The foundation for growth enhancement is an array of beneficial microbiology, trace minerals, humic acids and nutrient packages specifically design to assist in healthy root systems and plant growth.

Years of experience with soils and organics have helped us to create EssentialSoiltm, our all organic blend of performance soils, that has fantastic properties for use in landscape installations, nurseries, vegetable gardens, erosion control, and structural soil applications. EssentialSoilª provides a growing medium that has outperformed all manmade soils to date.

No organic garden is complete without a few pests. We offer incredible organic pest control products that effectively both repel and kill mosquitoes, fleas, ants, bed bugs, and are so safe they can be used on pets and people, in addition to the garden.

Our health is directly connected to the health of our soils. This knowledge is the driving force for our creating products that give outstanding results, bringing vitality to your gardens, your soil and ultimately to you.