About Our Services

Rejuvenating our soil ..revitalizing our plants ..reinvigorating our health

Plant and Soil Health Care Management

Our Organic Services help you manage your property organically with a wide array of seasonal organic spray blends, organic fertilizers, natural soil conditioners, bio stimulants, disease inhibitors, and pest defense, so that your soil and plants reach their optimum health and vibrancy.

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Vast experience in installing and servicing gardens, landscapes, estates and farms, development of our own organic fertilizers, soils and compost teas, and years of hands-on field testing of our products and methodology ensures that our Clients will receive superior results.


Our formulas and programs are based on a working knowledge of each area’s soil conditions, climate and environmental influences. Although every site is unique, there are many underlying conditions in soils and landscapes that we find fairly universal. Treating these underlying conditions is the foundation of our formulas, and from there we have customized treatments that are well suited to handle each unique situation.

Even the most vibrant healthy garden or landscape needs protection against the continual onslaught of air and water pollutants. Every season brings its own stress to even the healthiest of plants and soils. Our products and services mitigate plant stress and defend against diseases and pests, supporting plant vitality.

When determining the best service options for your gardens or property, we have different levels of service that can offer solutions and programs for every Client. Whatever your needs, our services can assist you in developing and sustaining a safe, healthy, sustainable environment.

Organic Fertilization

Fert ServiceFertilizing your plants and soil with our organic fertilizers at the same time you receive our Living Nutrient Sprays is important so that your soil and microbial community has all of the nutrients needed to feed themselves and your plants.

Organic Spray Service

Tea Spray ServiceA key component of our Organic Services, our Living Nutrient Sprays are suitable for landscapers, croplands, orchards, homeowners, horticulturists – any type of site or soil will benefit from our activated compost teas and seasonally formulated nutrients and catalysts.