Organic Fertilization

Our Living Organic Fertilizer Service Provides Outstanding Plant and Soil Nutrients

Fert ServiceFertilizing your plants and soil with our organic fertilizers at the same time you receive our Living Nutrient Sprays is important so that your soil and microbial community has all of the nutrients needed to feed themselves and your plants.

We offer our Fertilizer Service in conjunction with our Living Nutrient Spray Service for those who need or prefer to have them applied by us.

Throughout our website we speak of the incredible benefits our Organic Fertilizers and HuMagic bring to the soil and plants. To read more about how they work, please click on the links or visit our Testimonials page.

Hendrikus Organic Fertilizers are SAFE

  • Safe to handle, safe when applied. Non-toxic to children,
pets, wildlife and fish.
  • They smell GREAT. No organic “odor” as found in most fish, 
animal and manure based organic fertilizers.
  • Made from the highest quality all natural ingredients – no synthetic 
or harmful chemicals.
  • Granulated for best application and absorption rates.
  • No waiting times after fertilizer is spread. Kids and pets can play in your 
yard immediately.
  • Protects our salmon. No nitrogen/phosphorus runoff into our streams, 
ponds and lakes as found in some poultry waste products.

Hendrikus Organic Fertilizers are EFFECTIVE

  • Our Organic Fertilizers improve soil structure and soil fertility.
  • The beneficial micro-organisms in the soil (enhanced with the use of 
compost tea) are ALIVE and need the natural food sources provided by our organic fertilizers to grow and multiply.
  • Organic fertilizers build healthy soil and healthy plants in much the 
same way healthy food works in humans. Surviving on a fast food 
diet of synthetic fertilizers may be a quick fix for your garden, but it 
damages the soil over time.

 includes spreading of the appropriate Organic Fertilizer and HuMagic for lawn, trees, shrubs and garden beds, and rake-in for beds or other specific areas as needed.

Basic Annual Program includes two visits per year, one in Spring, and one in Fall

  • $2.25 per lb. (plus tax) applied to beds and lawn.
  • $1.20 per lb. (plus tax) dropped off at time of Living Nutrient Spray application.
  • NOTE: Lawns and beds average 1 lb. per 100 square feet; shrubs and trees average 1 lb. per 6′ of height.

DID YOU KNOW? Using organic fertilizer with our nutrient and compost tea sprays can DECREASE fertilizer application rates by up to 75% over time.

For common plant and soil problems we offer a variety of nutritional and biological amendments that can be added to your fertilizer program. Advise us of any problems you are having when you call and talk to one of our product specialists.