Organic Spray Service

Our Living Nutrient Spray Service is the Safe, Effective Alternative to Chemical Sprays

Tea Spray ServiceA key component of our Organic Services, our Living Nutrient Sprays are suitable for landscapers, croplands, orchards, homeowners, horticulturists – any type of site or soil will benefit from our activated compost teas and seasonally formulated nutrients and catalysts.

At the core of our Living Nutrient Sprays is our Aerobically Activated Compost Tea (AACT), a totally organic concentrate, abundant with beneficial living organisms to enliven your soils and stimulate plant and soil health. What is AACT compost tea? It is a liquid produced by brewing rich mature compost and other organic nutrients in specialized machine called a compost tea brewer for 24 hours.  This brewing process multiplies the organisms to create an extremely concentrated liquid, teeming with life and nutrients.

Our complex compost tea formulas inoculate microbial life into the soil or onto the foliage of plants, at the same time they add an array of soluble nutrients to feed the microbes and plants. By adding diverse soil biology and our customized blend of organic nutrients, we are able to establish natural nutrient and nitrogen cycling.

Our Living Nutrient Sprays, take our concentrated AACT and then, depending on season, climate conditions, plant and soil needs, we add various organic nutrients and catalysts, such as our HuMagic, kelp, seaweed extract, liquid lime, hydrolyzed fish, rock dust and/or yuccah. This makes a very alive, active and nutrient rich spray that enriches your soil and your plant health.

BENEFITS of our Living Nutrient Sprays:

  • multitude times the beneficial biology than you find in any compost
  • dramatically increase soil microbiology
  • add soluble nutrients to the soil and foliage that feeds the organisms and plants
  • increase nutrient retention in the soil
  • improve plant nutrition by increasing availability to the root system
  • improve soil structure, reduce soil compaction and improve soil fertility
  • protect plant surfaces with beneficial organisms that occupy infection sites and prevent entry by disease-causing organisms

How does AACT compost tea work?

When sprayed on a leaf surface, countless beneficial microbes spread out across the leaf devouring plant non-beneficial organisms and out-competing them for space on the plant surfaces. They also starve out their competitors by eating up the nutrients available on the surface and emit enzymes that are harmful to unhealthy microorganisms.

When sprayed on the soil, the effect is similar. Billions of beneficial microbes spread out in the soil, setting up their communities and out competing or devouring the non-beneficial organisms. Communities of beneficial microorganisms are essential in the soil for the plant’s roots to take up the healthy nutrients provided by the organisms. The health of the entire plant is subject to what the root system can provide for it. You will find weakened leaf surfaces on a plant that has a weakened root system. Soil drenching with our Living Nutrient Sprays is critical in providing your plant’s roots with the healthy microbial communities and organic nutrients essential to its vitality.

Compost tea builds healthy soil and healthy plants 
in much the same way healthy food works in humans. Surviving on a fast food diet of synthetic fertilizers may
be a quick fix for your garden, but it damages the soil
 over time.

 includes soil drenching, and foliar spray where needed, for the entire garden – lawn, trees, shrubs, and garden beds. This is our standard program and is successful for most well maintained yards. The condition of your soil and degree of prior chemical use can vary how rapidly results will be seen.

Basic Annual Program includes two visits per year, one in Spring, and one in Fall using our intensive Living Nutrient Spray seasonal formulas. We use a 5:1 dilution ratio for our standard tea, which is twice as potent with beneficial microbes as you will find with any other service.

  • $5.35 per gallon (plus tax), delivered and applied
    • Minimum 50 gallons per visit.

Our EXTENDED PROGRAM makes adjustments to the basic program when we suspect that there are problems that should be addressed to give you good results with a reasonable time frame. Stressed or problem gardens may need specific nutritional or biological adjuncts to the annuals sprays or deep root injections until the conditions have improved and you can be maintained on the regular Basic Program.

The most common adjuncts in the Extended Program include:

  • Higher Concentrate AACT as a soil drench or deep root injection.
    • Dilution ratio from 3:1 to Undiluted Straight AACT
    • $5.95 to $11.95 per gallon (plus tax)
  • Mycorrhizae or other inoculants added to Deep Root Injections
    • Additional $.50 to $.95 per gallon (plus tax)
  • Stress Tabs inserted with Deep Root Injections, 2 to 6 per shrub or tree depending on size and need
    • $2.50 per tab for smaller shrubs (plus tax)
    • $5.00 per tab for trees (plus tax)

If you think your garden may need some EXTENDED SERVICES:

Sign up for our BASIC PROGRAM and on our first visit we can evaluate
 any problems you are having in your garden and apply (with pre-approval) the additional 
sprays or additives that will address these needs.

Advise us of any problems you are having when you call and talk to one 
of our product specialists.