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Hendrikus was born on an organic farm in Holland at a time when traditional organic farming was the way of life. He was raised to understand the soil; how it works to create and sustain plant health; how to keep it nutrient rich and alive. He learned the traditions of working with the environment organically, keeping nature in balance, and understanding how that balance is essential to the health of all life. He learned to use his senses, experience and intuition to understand the ebb and flow of the environment, the needs of the land and the crops. He is old school in the ways that count; ways too often forgotten today yet still pertinent.

Hendrikus experienced firsthand the negative impacts, problems and destruction that chemical use brought to his farm when his farther tried the “new” methods of farming that were touted after World War II. That was short-lived – the negative repercussions too blatant for the schooled and experienced organic farmer, and the farm soon returned to the organic approach.


His firm, Hendrikus Group, has been at the forefront of sustaining the environment naturally and pioneering the organic approach in the Pacific Northwest for over 35 years, and on multi-continents over the last 15 years. The methods that he so successfully used at home, he brought to his landscape construction business. Over the years he has successfully adapted, innovated and time-tested organic products and methods in his projects. From fertilizer blends, living soil blends (called EssentialSoil™) to nutrient and compost teas, he continues to research and develop ways to restore, sustain and enhance our natural environment. He was the first landscape company in the nation to test and use compost tea in his nursery and landscapes. Today’s compost tea is a high-tech take-off of the traditional farm methods he used to fertilize their crops.

He has earned more environmental excellence and design awards than any other landscape construction firm in the Puget Sound. He has been acclaimed internationally, nationally and regionally, and is a requested speaker at many environmental forums, covering topics of organics, living soils, environmentally sound construction practices, and erosion control. All of his projects are based on a solid organic approach, using living soil, and designs that maintain nature’s balance.

Hendrikus Organics, a division of the Hendrikus Group, was founded in order to offer his organic fertilizer and soil blends, methods and knowledge direct to the public. Turning to an organic approach is not complicated. It starts with the soil. The healthier the soil becomes, the easier it is to maintain. The healthier the soil becomes, the healthier the plants, the healthier our water, the healthier our environment.


Born and raised in Chicago, Nirav became intrigued with organics and living a healthy lifestyle in her teens, long before they were even topics of discussion – because it made sense. She headed for new territories in her early twenties, drove cross-country in her decked out Volkswagen Beetle (a classic today!) to see what the West Coast and a new frontier would offer. Settling in the San Francisco Bay and Santa Rosa areas for 10 years, she furthered her education and experience in business strategies and solutions, and continued her interests in health, fitness and man’s physical and spiritual connection to nature and all of life.

Health and wellbeing has been a solid foundation in her philosophy, career and activities ever since. It was never a question to her that we should love and respect nature, treat our environment with care, take responsibility for our own health, and treat each other with the same energy we want to receive ourselves. Raised with traditional old school values, she is an adamant walk your talker, with a German-Cherokee heritage that gets things done.

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She combined her energies with Hendrikus’ expertise in the 1980’s and from there they brought their landscape construction company to the cutting edge of environmental design integrity and creativity, earning numerous awards and setting a new standard in the Puget Sound for what constituted quality and artisanry.

Passionate about organics, she and Hendrikus brought their own blend of organic fertilizers to their landscapes in the 1980’s, and from there she forwarded the Hendrikus Organics division of the Hendrikus Group to the well-known and highly respected brand it is today. Wanting to reach more people with their organic message she developed and designed their websites, instigated their role on the King5 Ciscoe show, and continues to promote, educate and supply people with ways to create a healthier, more energetic and fulfilling lifestyle.

It is my passion and my commitment to inspire people to move to an organic lifestyle, to improve their health, have a youthful energy and vitality no matter their age, and to open their eyes and mind to ways to improve our planet and our environment.

~ Nirav

Michael Schafer

Michael is a native of the Pacific Northwest and has always been passionate about healthy turf and soil. He grew up playing golf alongside his father and grandfather and scored his first golf course job at 14 years old! He attended Oregon State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture with Turf & Landscape Management, as well as took additional classes in Soil Science and Environmental Health and Safety.

Before planting his roots in the Seattle area, Michael spent a few months living in Moscow, learning to speak Russian before such modern luxuries like Google Translate had been invented! He later returned home to the Pacific Northwest where he built his home from the ground up with the help of his wife and dad – a real “Weekend Warrior” project.

Coming to us with over 26 years of experience in golf course management, commercial landscape management, and garden/turf product distribution, bringing him on-board as our Sales Director and Lawn Care Expert just made perfect sense. He spent his early years managing over 2000 acres of landscape at a military training camp where he got to watch soldiers parachute from airplanes while he worked!

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Michael actively spends time out in the field engaging new and existing clients. As our resident Turf Expert, you will find him giving talks at special gardening and lawncare events throughout the Puget Sound working hard to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our products and that they follow a maintenance program that shows results. (Be the first to learn about Hendrikus Organics speaking events by following us on FacebookLinkedIn, or Instagram)

When not at work, Michael enjoys spending time with his family out in nature doing activities such as hiking, riding bikes, camping, and playing sports. His family has several cats, three of which came meowing at their door one morning begging to move in – of course they could not say, no! He maintains a healthy lifestyle by getting plenty of exercise and sticking to a vegetarian diet.

Why Does Michael Love to Work for Hendrikus Organics?

I thoroughly enjoy working with all of our customers, our suppliers and my wonderful teammates at Hendrikus Organics, and the opportunity to change the industry by providing a real alternative to the chemical applications that continue to hurt our environment.

Dawn Fortner

“Dawning” many hats around the office of Hendrikus Organics, Dawn comes to us from down south ya’ll! She was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she later went on to graduate from the University of Texas in Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. Instilled with the entrepreneurial spirit and hard-work ethic gained from growing up and working alongside her parents in their own small business, Dawn knows what it takes to keep the wheels running smoothly behind the scenes here at Hendrikus Organics.

Armed with a background in advertising, design and business, Dawn wields her creative right-brain to smash out product labels, program guides and other marketing materials.  Then she leverages her analytical left-brain to mastermind all logistical affairs, streamline processes and manage vendors and inventories.  All smoothly executed with the added charm of her southern accent!

While at Hendrikus Organics, Dawn stays in tune with her health by eating simple, clean organic foods and staying fit. She is an avid runner, having completed 2 world-renowned Boston Marathons in addition to several local marathons and other races where she has placed first or in the top 3 of her age group in many of them.  When Dawn is not out running the streets of her home town or hitting the gym, she loves to bird watch, travel, and attend social activities with friends and family.

Why Does Dawn Love Working at Hendrikus Organics?

The philosophy of the company and the honest, down-to-earth, good people who work for it. It is a great work environment, and the office cats are my favorite co-workers although they refuse to do filing!

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Chris Seibel

An avid golfer in his spare time, Chris comes to us straight from the Mid-west state of Indiana, where he practically grew up on the golf-course alongside his father. In his younger years, Chris played Division 1 Golf, where he ranked 22nd in the nation and later went on to become the first golfer to be awarded University Male Athlete of the Year in 2010. He finished 3rd in the 2010 Indiana State Open, and as no surprise, eventually became a golf course superintendent at three different golf courses over a seven-year period. Interestingly enough, Chris managed to log 3000 miles on his Fit Bit in a single year as a golf course superintendent while just checking in on the golf course property he managed…what a way to get some exercise!!

Chris later embarked on a journey to the Pacific Northwest and bringing him on board with Hendrikus Organics was a no-brainer. As our resident Sales Representative and Turf Specialist, Chris has set out on a personal mission to turn the golf courses, parks, yards, and gardens of Washington, as well as the rest of the country, organic one client at a time. He is passionate about connecting with nature by promoting products that reverse the negative effects of chemical fertilization and is eager to share this knowledge with his customers.

When he is not at work, you will find Chris traveling to new and interesting places with his family or outside using our fine organic fertilizers on his own turf and garden. He proudly maintains the status of having the best yard in his neighborhood.

Why Does Chris Love Working at Hendrikus Organics?

I love working for Hendrikus Organics, not just because the products are excellent and safe for the environment, but also who I work with and who I work for. We have the best people around that make our company perform beautifully.

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Carolyn Goodie

Celebrating an impressive tenure of over 20 years with the company, Carolyn is the go-to person for keeping the financial ducks of Hendrikus Organics in a row. She is the bean-counter extraordinaire, the one who pays the bills, and the discerning eye who keeps tabs on the paperwork.

Before working at Hendrikus Organics, Carolyn had previous bookkeeping experience with other companies doing everything from full-service bookkeeping to more specialized roles such as working in accounts receivable departments. While her previous positions kept her busy throughout the years, she found her true passion and a job that she really loved when she joined our HO family. Working for Nirav and Hendrikus has inspired Carolyn to pursue a heathier lifestyle by eating right and working out; she has also been afforded the opportunity to enhance her accounting skills even more and learn about what it really takes to run a business.

When Carolyn is not at work, you will find her traveling between Washington and Arizona, playing golf, working on crafts projects, playing cards, attending thrilling Nascar events, or gaming. Fantasy warcraft games are among Carolyn’s favorite as they allow her an escape into a virtual world of her own creation and dominate the universe – if only just for a little while!

Why Does Carolyn Love to Work for Hendrikus Organics?

I love the challenge of every day being different in my job. There is NO chance of getting bored, which I love! I love the people I work with and you can have fun and still get your job done!

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James Neville

The newest member of the Hendrikus Organics Team, James is a talented and experienced story teller through his photography and videography. 

Before working at Hendrikus Organics, James worked as a marketing specialist and content creator for many companies including nightclubs, haunted houses, and clothing brands. He also ran an online eco-friendly clothing brand. Hendrikus Organics stood out to James as a one of a kind opportunity for him to work for a company that shares his values and spreads a positive healthy message to the world. 

When James is not at work, you will find him hiking local trails, practicing his landscape photography, working out, or cooking a new exciting recipe.

Why Does James Love to Work for Hendrikus Organics?

I love going to work everyday and knowing that I am making a positive impact on the world. Hendrikus Organics is making a real change and I am so happy to be a part of it with the amazing people that make up our team. 

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