BOUQUET™ 4-8-4 Flower, Rose & Bulb Food is a remarkable formula that uses our proven blend of nutrients formulated to fulfill the specific growing needs of flowering plants. It encourages prolific blossoms, enhances blossom color, promotes longer blooming, and builds strong root systems without overly active stem and leaf growth.

Its steady nutrient release provides extended availability of food to the soil microbes and plants. Flowers have their own nutritional needs with phosphorus being one of the elements in high demand. We use the finest quality steamed fish bone meal to provide not only the essential phosphorus but also the best source of available calcium. Calcium is critical for strong stem and root growth and increases plant tolerance to colder evening temperatures.

Our granulation process ensures that your plants receive even distribution of nutrients, at the same time being easy to spread and having almost a vanilla-coffee like aroma. None of that “dreadful” organic odor you find with most fertilizers. Use BOUQUET™ 4-8-4 on your flowering houseplants as well!

BOUQUET™ 4-8-4 is great for all types of flowering plants: both indoor and outdoor potted plants, roses, annuals and perennials, ornamental flowering trees and shrubs, fuschias, African violets, bulbs, to name a few. By applying when your plants begin their first signs of flowering and continuing throughout the season you will maintain a longer blooming cycle.

Bouquet™ 4-8-4

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