HuMagic® Granular is our 100% Organic Soil Builder that acts as a powerful and effective soil conditioner and nutrient catalyst for the soil, assisting root systems in their nutrient uptake by chelating minerals, improving water holding capacity and stimulating microbial activity. The beneficial effects of adding humic substances to the root zones can be seen in more expansive root systems, more prolific flowering and crop production, greater disease resistance, overall plant strength and vitality.

HuMagic® Granular is straight from the source and receives no processing other than screening for granular size compatibility for easier spreading. Since it receives no processing, it loses very little of the attributes of its humus base and has the added benefits of seaweed and molasses.

One of the many properties that HuMagic® adds to the soil is its high carbon content. Carbon is the keystone in the cycle of living matter, from the air we breathe to the soil from which we harvest our food. In soil, natural waters and their sediments the majority of organic carbon is present in humic matter. Stable humus is the predominant source in most agricultural, forest and moorland soils. So when we are looking to add carbon to our depleted or managed soils, we need to first look at adding humus.

Often humus is confused with compost, and indeed they are related, but it is the humus that is the completely stable, carbon rich living substance that is the basis for all life in our soils. Compost is organic matter on its way to becoming humus, and offers many benefits, however, particularly in crop production and stress conditions, adding humus offers the greatest immediate benefits to soil and plant health.

If there are sufficient humic substances present up to 35% of the soluble nitrogen applied to soils as fertilizer can be retained in the soil in organic forms at the end of the first growing season, thus converting the nitrogen to a stable, bio-available form.

HuMagic® Granular can be mixed in with soil mixes at the rate of 18# per cubic yard, or it can easily be broadcast in the same manner as fertilizers, and applied at the same time. Continued use lowers fertilizer needs due to its ability to enhance the uptake of available nutrients.

HuMagic® Granular

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