HuMagic® Liquid takes all the benefits of our naturally granular humus and puts it in an easy to apply liquid form. Our natural cold-water extraction process produces a highly water-soluble concentrated liquid that preserves all of the humus properties including its unique and valuable microorganisms.

Because of its liquid form, HuMagic® Liquid is a fast acting nutrient enhancer that can be used as both a foliar spray and a soil drench to bring the benefits of humic acids immediately to your plant and root tissues. Foliage on plants acts like human skin, being the largest and fastest absorbing organ of the plant. The nature of the humic and fulvic acids in HuMagic®assist the plant in assimilating much needed nutrients. Depending on crop or plant type, during certain growing stages, or when under stress, uptake of nutrients via roots systems can be negligible, so addressing plant needs via foliage will benefit plant health, growth and production.

Young plants in particular are more responsive to the foliar benefits of humic acids. Their plant tissues contain more active transport mechanisms to move nutrients to sites of metabolic activity at a much faster rate that through the root systems.

HuMagic® enhances a plant’s carbohydrate production, increasing nutritional quality (brix levels) and yield. As it covers the leaf surfaces, it activates and assists beneficial microorganisms in protecting the plant from harmful pathogens.

Soil drenching brings the humic acids and beneficial biology to the root systems, where they assist in the same manner to improve the nutrient uptake ability of the roots, stimulating root growth, chelating soil nutrients, removing toxins, activating beneficial soil biology, improving water holding capacity, adding carbon and improving cation exchange ratios that further help in better nutrient uptake and a healthier, more productive plant.

Application rate is 3 oz per 1000 square feet, or 1 gallon per acre. This can be followed every six weeks at the same rate and is good for all landscape areas such as turf, beds, shrubs and trees.

Application rate for growers is recommended at 1 gallon per acre every month, or ½ gallon per acre every two weeks. Methods can be with spray trucks or other spray equipment, or fertigation.

HuMagic® Liquid

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