For big gardens you'll need our 20lb products. Soil Enhancer and HuMagic Liquid can be combined with Bouquet for a Flower garden, or Complete for Trees and Shrubs. 


HuMagic® Liquid can be used as a foliar spray or a soil drench to bring the benefits of humic acids immediately to your plant and root tissues.


BOUQUET™ 4-8-4 Flower, Rose & Bulb Food is a remarkable formula that uses our proven blend of nutrients formulated to fulfill the specific growing needs of flowering plants.


Soil Enhancer™ is designed to replenish depleted soils. This premier blend aids in restoring the calcium-magnesium and phosphorus base necessary in soils for the release of nutrients, and promoting microbial activity.


COMPLETE™ 6-4-4 is our premier all-purpose blend. If you like to keep things simple, and prefer to use just one blend for everything, this is it!

HuMagic Liquid + Soil Enhancer 20lb+ 20lber Bundle

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