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Nitrogen Plus™ 10-0-2 offers readily available nitrogen for plants and turf that need that extra nitrogen boost or are heavy nitrogen feeders. To our solid base of feather meal, we have blended just enough natural Chilean nitrate for immediate nitrogen uptake, balanced by the slower release nitrogen provided by feather meal, and the benefit of added beneficial soil microbes.

Nitrogen Plus™ is specifically designed to meet the nitrogen demand of turf and all types of plants to provide a rapid lush green when needed. The blended nutrients and added microbes help stimulate microbial activity and nitrogen uptake.

During cool conditions, microbes are less active and the breakdown of organic nutrients is slower. Nitrogen Plus™ solves the immediate demand for nitrogen food needed by yellow lawns and plants in both warm and cool weather conditions. This rapid source is followed by a slower, steady nitrogen release.

Additionally, Nitrogen Plus™ is blended with ingredients to sustain this richness, without the long-term yellowing often found with chemical fertilizers when the nutrients are used up or washed away.

Nitrogen Plus™ works well in the initial transition from chemical-based fertilizing to organic sustainability as the soils start developing a solid microbial community and the soil microbes to assist in nitrogen fixing and nutrient cycling. Transition to one of our other organic fertilizers formulated for the particular plant type.

Nitrogen Plus™ is granulated for even distribution and easy application. It can be applied any time during the growing season to respond to stressed plant and turf conditions that would benefit from a nitrogen boost.

For spreader settings, please view or download our Nitrogen Plus™ Spreader Settings.

Nitrogen Plus™ 10-0-2

PriceFrom $14.99