OceanMagic™ 2-2-0.3

Liquid fish fertilizer from the Washington Coast! The nutrient-rich ingredients in OceanMagic™are supplied by seafood processors from the mouth of the Columbia River north to Grays Harbor.  OceanMagic™ contains naturally occurring nutrients including calcium and chitin. Fish oil is a preferred food source for soil microorganisms particularly beneficial fungal species. Farmers notice a proliferation of soil life and restoration of a healthy fungal-bacterial balance.

Our organic approved liquid fertilizer is made from the processing scrap of ocean-caught fish (mostly salmon), crab and shrimp which includes all of the nutrient-rich parts of the fish: guts, skin, meat, bones and shell.  The cold processing used to create our hydrolysate protects the amino acids, vitamins and enzymes present in the raw material. The naturally occurring enzymes and vortex process digest the shells and fish bones into a fine colloidal suspension, allowing this liquid to be easily used in fertigation and foliar spray, in addition to soil drenching.

Unlike lower cost fish emulsion fertilizers, OceanMagic™ has not been exposed to heat. Most other products use heat to speed up the enzymatic digestion process and to evaporate the product to achieve higher N-P-K content. Heat improves the chemical analysis but degrades the biological activity. Because it’s cold-processed, OceanMagic™ has more diverse and plentiful microbial populations and greater biological activity.

Why Do We Add Biochar?   

Biochar could be considered Soil’s Best Friend— Because of Biochar’s physical and chemical nature, it has a unique ability for attracting and holding moisture, nutrients, even retaining difficult to hold nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorous.

Biochar’s immense surface area and complex pore structure provides a secure habitat for micro-organisms and fungi.  Mycorrhizae form a relationship with plant root fibers and this allows for greater nutrient uptake by plants.

Persistency in Soil— Biochar is more persistent than any form of organic matter commonly applied to soil. Because of biochar’s long-term persistence in soil (more than 2,500 years and counting), all the associated benefits of nutrient retention, water retention and overall soil fertility are longer lasting than with fertilizers alone. Biochar, comparatively inert, doesn’t break down like other organic soil amendments and resists chemical and microbial degradation.

Biochar reduces soil acidity decreasing liming needs but does not actually add nutrients.  Because biochar attracts and holds soil nutrients, it reduces fertilizer requirements – something common organic matter cannot do.

Add HuMagic® Liquid to OceanMagic for a dynamic soil builder & feeder combo!

OceanMagic™ 2-2-0.3

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