Whether your lawn is need of some serious care or you just need to keep it a lush green, the Axis Lawn Bundle is your solution! Pair our 25 lb AxisDE with 20lb Nitrogen Plus to give your lawn a deep green, or pair it with 20lb Seasons to maintain a healthy lawn all year round!


AxisDE®️ diatomaceous earth is a premium soil amendment designed to reduce water usage, improve drainage, reduce soil compaction and improve plant health.


Our Seasons™ 8-0-4 Organic Turf Fertilizer is great for both turf and plants,offering a balanced organic blend that provides a steady release of higher nitrogen blended with other key nutrients for consistent, vigorous growth.


Nitrogen Plus™ is specifically designed to meet the nitrogen demand of turf and all types of plants to provide a rapid, sustainable lush green when needed.

Axis Lawn Bundle

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