Grass Seed

Starting a new lawn or reseeding your current grass area is more than just about the specific ways you prepare your area for a successful, lush and healthy lawn.

The SEED you choose is probably the most critical of the components you decide on. Your choice will determine the performance you get from your seed and whether your lawn is dense, healthy and disease resistant.

Hendrikus Organics Turf Seed

Premium SUN/SHADE Mix developed specifically for our NW growing conditions

Developed through research programs and work with universities that use an approach to encourage synergy and diversity, our new turf seed has a wider array of varieties, in comparison to other seed companies that often buy finished products that are sister varieties and very alike. This diversity allows our seed to adapt better to a variety of environments and stress.

In addition, the seed is grown a no-GMO plant selection to create plant attributes, such as:

  • endophyte-enhancement, a natural occurring fungus that protects against insect and heat stress
  • fine fescues that express amino acid meta-tyrosine, which aids in inhibiting weed seed germination

The new Hendrikus Turf Seed is 70% Perennial Rye, 15% Chewings Fescue, and 15% Creeping Red Fescue. Our grass seed will germinate fast in warm conditions, as well as grow in both shady and sunny areas. It will naturally fill in bare areas and help create more drought tolerance in your lawn, and the Fescue’s in the mix will also help slow down the take-over by Annual Bluegrass (PoaAnnua) in lawns.

The best way to avoid using chemicals, reduce weeds, and undesirable grasses in your lawn?

  • Fertilize your new and/or established lawn with Hendrikus Organics Seasons 8-2-4 or Spring Nitrogen 10-1-2.
  • Over-seed thin and bare areas, and plant your new lawns with Hendrikus Organics Turf Seed